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Peters Valley meet

Larry H

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Just returned from the Peters Valley meet ( on the east coast ) There was a lot of talent in a small area today. A great demo by Sam Salvati on japanese kitchen knives and Director Richard Sargent on tooling for joinery, ( sorry Doc, I had to cut out, lucky I made it at all ) Sorry some of you close couldn't make it. The New Jersey Blacksmiths did a great job of hosting this event, a great time with great smiths, all yuckin' it up. The Aussies were represented as well. Smiths from Ohio, Maryland, Vermont, Pa. Conn., N.Y. and other locale's I'm sure. A Great big thanks to NJBA for hosting a successful meet ( with free lunch ! ). I even won A scrolling tool in the iron in the hat drawing....
A Mark Emig original ! Here is a few pics of J.M.Walker's stuff, absolutely beautiful, Oh just tried to add pics on edit, but could not.....see next post

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Hey Larry, It was great to meet you there. Hope to see the pix you shot durring the event.
It was a beautiful day, really good turn out with awesome demos. I would agree, Sams Blade work demo
and Dick's joinery demos were both excellent, alot of fun and learning.

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Hi all,
I'd like to thank all who came to the Valley to help make our first PV, NJBA meet such a success !!!!!! Sam and I really appreciate all of your wonderful comments about our demos.
I had a great time hosting the event and would like to especially thank Jose Torres for all his extra help both before and during the event. Great job on the burgers and dogs.....Jose!!!


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