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Epoxy is what I use.

If the glue line is not visible (stick tang, hidden tang) I have used JB weld with good results so far. Otherwise I use a 30 minute epoxy.

I like Corby bolts instead of rivets. I got them from Jantz knife supply, (http://www.knifemaking.com/Default.asp).

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If you are interested in making knives you definitely need to get the catalogs of the various knife supply companies. We might be able to suggest a few if we knew what country you lived in! Most folks add it to their profile as *many* questions are location dependent.

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@Thomas Powers: I am from New Mexico but I am living in New England at the moment.

@bnewberry: Thanks I just found them.

Incidentally one knife is going to some friends to enable them to slaughter their chickens with something that will hold and edge well. The second of the two is going to my son for giftmas.

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