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I Forge Iron


P. Bedard

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Hey gang.
I don't do this sort of thing very often, (almost never actually) but the muse hit me and I thought I'd give it a try.
Here is the result;



Someone said it might look better on a "base" of some sort. Perhaps stone cut for the purpose.
I may look into it as long as it's not too expensive. This only took 4 feet of stock and 3 hours of work time so I can't see putting it on a hundred dollar base...
Let me know what you think.

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i like it P :) it does have your energy plain to see like mac said , i like its movement, and i also agree with danger that you can refine it, or the next one, the entrance to the smaller spoon shape for instance, could look/flow more natural, but i love the actual shapes youve forged at the end of the arms, and i also dont at all think it needs stone, it is strong on its own. i really like the bevelled hammered edge on the table, and would like to see something of that character on the curves that go upwards (sorry - im crap at explaining) over all i think the piece is pretty dynamic and delicious! :)

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I like it, feels middle eastern to me. If you put a few drops of olive oil and a wick in the cup end you would have a neat accent lamp. To me the hardest part of sculping is knowing when a piece is done. I'd leave this one as is and make some more sculputures just for the fun of letting your mind wander.

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