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I Forge Iron

A Few New Pieces

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These are a few pieces I have done since my STUPID accident. Hope you enjoy.

These are the handles that are now on the corn roaster. post-249-0-98385500-1332378414_thumb.jpg
Here is the "Dreaded Latch" also on the corn roaster. I hope to get pics of the completed roaster when it is comp. post-249-0-60896200-1332379103_thumb.jpg

This Cala Lily is from a piece of 3/4" x 3" sq. I think it is wrought iron, sure moved easy! post-249-0-98964600-1332378067_thumb.jpg post-249-0-39599500-1332378115_thumb.jpg

And one more copper rose. Have 7 more of these to make, hopefully this weekend. post-249-0-71060700-1332378208_thumb.jpg

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Beautiful Thomas. I'm sure looking forward to seeing the corn roaster. Frosty The Lucky.

Me too Frosty. He said it is one of his 'long time' projects...maybe in 6 months! something like 4ft dia. and 4-5ft long. I think he found someone truck farming corn. It will also do chickens and whatever. Once it is complete he said he is bringing it out to the plant and cooking for the crew, and the guy can cook.

Thanks all for the kudos.
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