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I've been making metal hats for over 30 years. In the beginning they were small ones, 1" to 1-1/2" long. Now they are around 4" long. I started making the larger ones when I was going to do a demonstration of how to make them for the North Texas Blacskmith Asssociation. Good place to do a cowboy hat demo, don't you think? I have now done the demo many times around the country and I'm surprised at the number of other people now doing that demo and how many people are having fun making hats.

Here are a few of my hats. I wear many hats in this business. :rolleyes:

This is Lasso Larry, circa 1985.


This one I did in some damascus/pattern welded sheet that I made. I did this just before the Texas demo.


This one is a more recent one.


They are fun to do and not hard either. Maybe this will give you some inspiration?

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they are wicked randy!!! the detail on the hats is wow factor, and the little cowboy!!! what a sweetie!!!!! :)
i love it when people on here show with pictures what they can do instead of just Talk :)

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