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Cheap hand crank blower, any good?


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Any one have any experience using one of these for a small forge? Found it on amazon.

It's a hand crank blower made for heating up grill coals.
It seems like a lot of work, but in a pinch..


Saw a vid of a camper using one for a small forge.

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I was thinking of a "forge-in-a-bag" portable camping forge.. A rail road rail piece(anvil), hammer, folding shovel, that small blower, some coal.. And you have an emergency pack forge..

It's a genius idea, for a very limited market, i could make dozens!

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I found that the larger and better made the blower then less work it was to use it! I was amazed at demos to see folks having to continuously crank away really fast and hard with the little rivet forge blowers where I could give my big free standing blower a good turn and then walk over and get a drink or switch tongs or hammers and walk back and have it still turning on it's own.

I've done campfire forging with a home built single action bellows before: section off a bit of the fire ring and rake coals over to where the nozzle sticks through the rocks.

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