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    Martial Arts, Magic, Forging. That's pretty much it.
  1. Built a coal forge in my back yard. My first time hitting hot metal. Dug a hole about a shovel deep, put a metal grated shelf piece I found in the shed, ran a metal pipe out the side. Had some curved garden stone laying around. Put it around the hole. Added an air mattress pump I had and voila! The only cost to me was a 20lb bag of lump coal Lowes ($14) And a metal rod ($6) I had part of a railroad rail that I'm using as a makeshift anvil. It seems to work pretty well, granted the construction has some limits, but I figure I can use this to practice swinging, maybe make a few cool things. It's fun so far. Looking forward to doing more with it! Nathan
  2. I know it's not, but it looks photoshopped. Lol It just looks too crazy to be true. It's awesome that they can forge such large objects.
  3. If anyone in the Dallas/Fort Worth area would like to join Larry in this endeavor, I am ready and willing to apprentice.. ;)
  4. I was thinking of a "forge-in-a-bag" portable camping forge.. A rail road rail piece(anvil), hammer, folding shovel, that small blower, some coal.. And you have an emergency pack forge.. It's a genius idea, for a very limited market, i could make dozens!
  5. Any one have any experience using one of these for a small forge? Found it on amazon. It's a hand crank blower made for heating up grill coals. It seems like a lot of work, but in a pinch.. http://www.amazon.com/AIR-GRILL-BLOWER-Charcoal-Fireplaces/dp/B0001WOLOS Saw a vid of a camper using one for a small forge.
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