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I Forge Iron

Trench Spike Mk1

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Hey Sam, when I saw the first picture it looked like the spike was passing through a punched hole and I thought how the devil did he do that? As always, you da man.

Thanks Craig! hehe now i am trying to figure out how to do it the way you thought it was done hehe.

Thanks guys!

Matt, I split it then forged out each leg seperately.

BFNampa you are welcome, man!
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Weapons, no matter how "cute" carry BAD vibes. I am sure in making it the thought of actually sticking a person with it was in your mind, dragging you down into the DARK. Not as good a thought as what comes to mind when forging a kitchen implement, or a cleaver. Never mind this OLD hippy's ramblings , You do good work Sam, please continue to post pics.

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