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forging an acorn

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Acorn from pipe, Suggest the following, no pics though, sorry.

First blank off the end of your tube where you are holding it.

Heat the other end, and Taper the end down to the rough oval/elliptical shape of the nut

Then using a swage block or bolster plate with a hole smaller than the diameter of the pipe, take a long heat (longer than the overall length of the acorn to be), and drive the tube in vertically.

The effect of this should be to put a slightly parallel shape to the nut end, form a line to define the start of the cup bit, and upset what will become the cup bit

Then neck in all round for the base of the cup at an appropriate distance from the now defined nut /cup line, this should form the radius for the base of the cup,

This necking in will then form the basis to form the stem after cutting off an appropriate length.

Hold the acorn in appropriate tongs and forge the stem,(this will give a near solid stem) cut off to the length required for what you want it to do.

Decorate the cup as you see fit ,

Have fun

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How I have done it
plug one end of the pipe so it doesnt stove pipe the heat to your hand
Heat and hammer the other end closed bringing only the end of the pipe closed
Using a blacksmith magician type tool fuller the pipe so you end up with a piece long enough to be the nut.
This length varies depending on diamater of pipe.
Heat the fullered area and drive it into itself making the bottom of the cap area.
Use the fuller again to make the top of the cap.
If you need a longer stem after the last fullering is started stick a piece of round rod inside and continue to fuller until it is tight.
Using a hack saw cut only the pipe not the rod and you have a stem.
You can start making the next acorn where you cut off the first.

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