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2 years ago when i started gathering tools of the trade i started 2 pair of tongs, a friends gave me 2 pair of his he never used much, so i just used them till friday i misplaced mine (overlooked) so i finished the ones i started. i cheated on the rivet, although i need to take them apart to finish the reins, i used a 1/4" flathead screw (i have more than i'll ever use)
as soon as i finished the first pair, i located my tongs, right where i left them

Ron Smith


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I always put a pair of tongs together with a bolt to check the fit and make adjustments before I rivet them. What size stock did you make these out of? If they were mine I would draw out the reins a little smaller, but that's just a comfort thing...what ever feels good to you.

Good job


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Seems to be a fact of life that the lost tool always and without fail re-apears as soon as its replacement is made and/or you fix the need another way.
One of these days I'm gonna catch that little gremlin that hides stuff and kick his little xxx through his schnozz !!!!!
Keep makin tongs too many don't exist


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I made them from 1/2" square, i have about 300 pieces of 1/2" square about 30" long. May not be the best material for them but it was free, its railing (porch railing) from a construction site my son was working at, they replaced most of the rail at an apartment complex and I told him "sure bring it all over" one day i will cut it all apart as i have a large pile of railing laying anyplace i can find to put it.

I plan on working on the reins, i was just test fitting them and couldnt find any nuts for the screws, so i just peened it over to hold. i'll finish them this afternoon, and may make a few other pairs for special holding jobs.

After looking at the Blueprint section, i think i will make a few pairs of WOOP tongs

Ron Smith

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