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I Forge Iron

Drop Point Bowie


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The blade shape started out as a spear point, I was wanting to do a edge quanch to get the nose to come up alittle. So I edge quanched it in warm brine three times to get it straight.Temper 3 times Etched in vinger.

Guard-blacken steel with a geram silver spacer in front
Handle-Honey mesquite wood tru-oil finish

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Help? I do not do edge quench on any of my carbon steel blades. I do a full quench. But have worked with metal all of my life. I have always used a form of quenching to help straighten out things in items like welded frames etc. I heat the area to be straightened and quench with water. It shrinks. Trying to get my head around how an edge quench would cause the tip to raise up or move away from the quenchant. Thoughts? Or did I not read the post right?

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