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Maybe I'll pick up a tad


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Did ya catch it? Looks like you set a booby trap of snares. :D My shop doesn't look like that, only because I don't have an O/A torch. My welding lead sometimes does catch a Boob. Me. :)

When it gets like this I walk around the shop like a cross between ogre and a chicken..............
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aha that ant so bad ya ant got nuthin sharp and pointy to step on...found some scrap i cut with the beverly shears today... had to pull it out of my shoe...

There's plenty of drill shavings on the floor too which I normally pick up right away, they stick to shoes and get tracked everywhere.....I'm gonna wait on those till the current project gets done (air hammer in the background) cause I'm still in the process of producing alot more.....When it takes 30 seconds to find which hose or lead you need, let alone the end, it's time.....
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