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Gas saver pilot light problem

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About a month ago I bought a new Smith brand gas saver made for propane since I've recently switched from acetylene to propane. The problem is that the pilot light burns inconsistently. If I set it to a reasonable size when first lit it soon shrinks and goes out, if I set it crazy hot (pilot flame over 8 inches long) it will slowly shrink as time passes. After 45 minutes or so the pilot will be tiny, then go out, with no adjustment from me. I'm guessing that as the gas saver heats up something is changing the volume of propane allowed thru the pilot burner, but d@#^ if I can figure out what or how to adjust it.

Anyone else had this problem or have a clue how to fix it? Thanks.

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I have a gas saver that I have troubles with the pilot light as well but a different problem. Mine came with a small brass jet for use with acetylene and a small perforated steel cylinder for use with propane. If I thread the cylinder on tight it won't stay lit. If I loosen the threads a turn it will light. I also find I have to light it with the torch which gets the cylinder hot so it will stay lit.

Did your gas saver come with a different flame holder for propane? Maybe the brass acetylene pilot light conducts too much heat into the valve?

Problems aside I love the gas saver, I saved a bottle and a half of Oxygen the first job I used it on, plus some time.

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Yes, these are great, saves $ no doubt even when less then optimal. Past experience with phone time on hold makes me hesitant to call a company without a positive recommendation first. Biz school grads ruined small manufacturing.

John- Mine was sold specifically for use with propane, it has what I would describe as a cylinder with a perforated BRASS tip/flame holder, no extra parts. Turn the pilot left and the gas chokes off, turn it right and flamethrower. Just does not stay where you put it.

Tim- I'm sort of glad that you have had the same issues, perhaps I'm not crazy.

I'd given up on posting photos here on IFI, but I'll try again tomorrow so perhaps we can all see what I'm talking about.

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