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small copper boxes


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I attended a 1 day copper demo and class at my forge group's monthly meeting in Nov. This is what I have come up with so far... Please let me know what you think....


With any luck this link will show some pics. Hope this works....And hope to add more photos soon
because I am almost finished with a square box...

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Purdy :) - Hey I have one of those !!! This was a great class. Being a member of your local clubs does pay us back !!! Bob is a great artist and great to work with. He is giving a class close to the one we did at the folk school next week. I put a few links. Bob has a whole collection of artwork and if you should have a chance, check out one of the events he attends. I have several of his works and they are outstanding !!


Allsion works in Jewelry in copper also.

That project looks great and when I presented mine everyone freaked out. What reactions did you get from your family when they saw it?

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the guy that taught me in the class, his name is Robert Taylor... He teaches some classes at a folk art school in north carolina and lives here just outside of birmingham Al. look up some of his work at "Al.com" otherwise I would be happy to share what I have learned... maybe I can post some how to pics

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Just got the camera out and there are some new pics. got the square and another oval box the square has 2 very different lids and the oval has a different lid as well. as soon as i can get my brother in law over here with his camera we can see about some how to pics but for now...I still have to
clean and color them but you get the point of what i am trying to do...
so please let me know what you think

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