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I Forge Iron

Can I use coke

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the new forge is just about done. it is a brake drum off a 1 ton pick up. About 4 inch deep. 2 inch pide with a T out to fan. Fan is an exhaust fan off a gas furnace.

Best guess will this work with coke? Guy locally has some coke I can get started with but he said it needs lots of air.

I post some pics once I get back up to the shop where the forge being assembled.

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Our Blacksmith Association as well as the local Blacksmith converted to coke due to the unavailabilityof a supply of good coal. The results have been very favorable, it does take more air to keep the fire going. It works equally as well with powered and hand crank blowers. I am out of coal and I purchased 100 lbs from the club for my forge at home. One nice thing, it produces a lot less smoke which I am sure my neighbors will be thankful for.

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