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Howdy from Georgia


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Hey guys, just a quick hello from the Deep South. I've been kind of lurking around some smithing websites trying to find the best I can for someone who is clueless to the trade and I was referred here by a buddy. Trying to soak in all the knowledge I can and at the same time actually get my hands working on things so any assistance anyone could toss my way would be awesome and greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance y'all :D

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Read the forum, all 240,000 posts. When your eyes start to cross, look at the 18,000 photos in the gallery. Remember that your intent was to learn about blacksmithing, so take your findings to the forge and build a fire when you get a chance.

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Welcome to IFI.
There are plenty of knowledgeable people around here, (not me) that have plenty of wisdom that they have gained through their years. They are all willing to share. You will get a lot of ideas and tips and a lot of opinions too. This is a good thing because opinions usually come from experience.
Here is my opinion that I have gained through experience. BLACK IS HOT! :blink:

Enjoy the ride, ask what you will. Remember though, God gave you two ears (in this case eyes) and only one mouth. :ph34r:

Mark <><

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