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100 lb Vulcan, in good shape, worth $325?

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I have sold two Vulcans in the last few months. Both were really good anvils in really good shape. One was 104 pounds, sold for $150 and the other was 125 pounds and sold for $200. You don't have your location listed under your name. So I'm not sure what part of the world you are in, or what anvils are going for there. I probably could have gotten more for them. But both went to new blacksmiths. So I was happy and so were they. :)

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I know the prices of anvils have shot up in recent years but I think $3 a pound is kind of high for a Vulcan anvil. I have been thinking of selling my 300# Fisher for that and was thinking that was pushing it a bit, so if I did sell my wonderful Fisher which is a high end cast iron anvil compared to a low end Vulcan I should double the price on my Fisher. DANG! That'd make my Fisher sell for $6 a pound and let's see $6 X300#=$1,800. Is a Fisher really worth that much? Maybe but then again I don't think a Vulcan is worth over three dollars a pound. It's like comparing cucumbers to water melon, they are in the same family but they sure don't compare in taste. Buy it if it is the only anvil you have seen up for sale in the last year but treat the edges kindly, they do chip easily.

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