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need more information on champion blower


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Hi I have a champion blower,its marked Champion blower and forge co. Lancaster ,PA USA,also has a brass plate on motor,also champion blower & forge,Lancaster PA, 110 watts and the # 84542,the blower is cast Iron,lettering looks like could be brass if cleaned,but don't know for sure,also No.50 on blower body,also has original cast iron fan regulator{ also so marked champion },trying to find year,it was part of the blacksmith shop that is part of our property,the smithy retired in 1921 at the age of 82,but had started with his father at the age of 14,we found the original Trinton anvil,many tools and this blower still connected to the brick chimney , we used it up until 20 years ago,and them my family didn't do a lot of the same repairs,so it has sat unused,any help would be great,regards Lou

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This one is listed on ebay


Hey, that's the one he's asking about! :D

"Champion Blower & Forge Lancaster PA,USA.This blower was used in a blacksmith shop in Iowa,the blacksmiths name was Bill Dalkbkermeyer,he had been train by his father at the age of 14,and continued till he retired in 1921,at the age of 82.My Grandfather Ruben bought this building,and a garage in1927,he opened the garage as a service station,in the blacksmith building ,they worked on large projects.The blower and forge were used from time to time, its not been used for about 20 years now,we just took the blower off the forge chimney. It needs a good cleaning, fan seems to turn okay,but not sure of the working order.Rheostat is marked made in USA,also OHMS 105 amps and 110,champion motor is mark #84542 "
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Note that companies were still selling bellows WAY after blowers were also for sale in turn of the century catalogs you could generally find bellows, hand crank and electric blowers for sale at the same time, so electricity might not be a good dating point!
I currently am in a non-electric smithy; but I know it dates to 2005 as I built it...

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