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how NOT to do Centrifugal casting

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I don't for the life of me understand what you mean Rick, I mean it was the 5th of November just the other day & Di Wali and they are wearing regular "safety" lounge shirts(movement not hampered by cumbersome safety aprons) and though you might not easily notice the "heavy duty" sandals(leather top straps) not just junk 'flip flops' and Good quality baseball caps and/or plastic headgear and furthermore their vision is 100% as it is not obscured by those pesky safety visors. :D

You've got to hand it to that guy who hung on to that bar till the end----- :ph34r:

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The answer to the sheet metal guards is, I sure per the owners, is "why". The sheet metal costs money, I'm not breaking any laws, and there are 10,000 guys ready to do this if these guys complain. Take it or leave it. We are so accustomed to good safety laws in the USA. One could argue for days on the benefit of safety, but clearly if it effected the bottom price they would have done it already. Worker safety is not a benefit, but a luxury, they can't afford in these countries. I'm sure the workers see the benefit, but not the people in power. Worker safety in the USA has been a long hard battle for a hundred years or more. Look at history of coal mines and the reluctancy of mine owners to provide safety for miners. Look at China and their lack of mine safety. They also have 10,000 workers waiting in line for a job. I not saying that our safety record is without issues, and we have lots of room for improvement, but in comparison to third world countries, we are a lot better.

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