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I Forge Iron

Sword of Goujian


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I thought you guys might find this interesting. I'm also curious as to whether anyone has made a sword of a similar composition before?

Bronze blades were very common before the discovery of Iron. I have made bronze blades before. I am not sure what you are asking here
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Note that the tin content of that single blade varies *wildly* depending on what part of the blade was tested and all of it is higher tin than the 90:10 alloy common in western Europe.

I see the question of how was the Blade constructed to have such differing compositions?

(I would like to see how many datapoints were used for each area tested to be more confident that no single point oddities could skew the data...)

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I would not trust that analysis as it has no reference other than a university name....I have not seen the article published on this or any similarly made blade and I have looked. even the Chinese historians and scientists I have corresponded with had never seen a proper metallurgical look at them.
There are many similar blades and some are broken..yet no cross-sections and no deep analysis..the tin could be just a surface finish..tinning..like gilding.

As to reproductions..sure..how many you want? They are all over China and the net..some better than others..
For a TRUE COPY one needs a true scientific workup...and none have been done that I am aware.


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Not to mention that being submersed there can be interesting electro chemical stuff going on...Depletion gilding, well tinning, perhaps?

You have to be careful whenever "jingo-istic archeology" may be taking place. If you read some of the stuff published in Europe in the 1930's you can see the same style of slanting reports to support a preordained conclusion. This is to not say that such reports have no value; often the originals have been destroyed in the wars and so the only version we have of them is in such published reports. You tend to study them for the pictures and descriptions and ignore interpretations of the data.

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Here is a little more in depth article about it for those that are interested. You will need to get your browser to translate it which is no problem if your using firefox or chrome. Not sure about other browsers but they probably do it as well. I haven't read all of it, it's pretty XXXX long, but you might be able to dig up some additional information.

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