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Dinner bell

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First of all let me say that I have no idea what type of steel I have here so that may make it hard to answer my question. I have 4 identical pieces 5/8" diameter about 4' long bent like a shepherds crook with a lug stamped at the end they are some form of carbon steel and make a fantastic "clang" when struck which is why I decided to make a dinner bell from one of them. Trouble is after forming the triangle and forging a hook I have altered the temper and it no longer "clangs". Any ideas on how I may get that sound back again?

Cheers Ian

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Ian - The spacing of the opening is key to having the bell ring or thud. You'll have to play with that a bit. Also you may try heating the corners to a red heat and quenching them. When I have made them, I forge a leaf on the one end and a hook for the ringer. The leaf will also play a part in the ring, if it touches the bar or not. When you get the spacing correct, you will get a good ring, Cheers Ian - JK

Here's a couple pictures of my dinner bells



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This may be a known, but how you suspend them and where on the piece, if done wrong, can null the vibration. Ie ... If your suspension method or chord is too thick, or badly placed.

Tie a thin piece of cotton on one end, let it hang, then give it a hit with another piece of metal, if it rings as you think it should, retting the hanging method.

It needs to be able to vibrate freely like the leg of a tuning fork, length and thickness play more in the tone vibration than hardening to a degree.

Thin wire or very thin chord is good for not restricting the vibration and duration.

Edited my me...... to say,

And sorry, nice dinner bells.

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Thanks Jeremy, heating and quenching the corners did the trick, sounds heaps better now. I too am incorporating a leaf at the other end....gum leaves and gum nuts as part of a theme for a range I'm putting together. I like the tendril hook on yours as opposed to the standard hook. I will post a pic a soon as I get round to it
DE2,thanks anyway but it was a known fact, I'm using 5mm round leather thonging, works just fine.

Cheers Ian

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