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Oktoberfest is the California Blacksmith Association's fall gathering, about 2 hours north of San Francisco. On site camping, demonstrators (Daniel Miller this year) and open forges (courtesy of the Education Committee) till midnight friday and Saturday, tools for sale, breakfast lunch and dinner.

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We all had a great time at the Octoberfest. It was a good turn out as usual. I got to do some forging at the midnight madness and showed a couple of guys how to make the horse heads (Brian Brazeal style). Michael got a pretty good one made on his second attempt, I was impressed.
I sold a few bottle openers, bbq forks, a leg vice and 3 pairs of old tongs so I came home with more money than I left with (That's a first).
Also I donated two bbq forks and two bottle openers to iron in the hat and the auction. The fork went for $50 and the bottle opener raised $15 for the CBA in the auction.

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Yes, a lot of fun at Oktoberfest! Funny how the rain didn't seem to make much of a difference, forging keeps you warm. Daniel Miller was one of the best guest speakers I can imagine. Very accessible and open, his discussions on process and his work reflecting the human condition were eye opening and informative and his demos made it clear that a flypress is absolutely needed in my smithy.

Nice pics Clinton, I took pretty much the same ones, including the big kitchen cooker!

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