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I Forge Iron

Greetings from Michigan!

Jeb Bailey

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Hi all!

I'm fairly new to metal working, but I've been fascinated ever since I was a little kid. I used to sit and watch the blacksmith at music festivals for hours on end, and now I'm finally smacking some metal in my spare time.

Really just starting out, but I recently finished my first blade. Pointers are welcome! Designed to be almost more of a hatchet, I haven't sanded it yet and I plan to wrap the handle in waxed twine. Interested to know how to keep the pitting down a bit.


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Less pitting: 1 keep in reducing part of fire 2: clean scale off anvil *each* *heat* 3: wirebrush scale off before forging each heat 4: hammer properly dressed to avoid dents from "sharp" edges 5: hammer control

2 is a "fat rabbit" (3 is a pain, 1 & 5 come with practice, 4 is a good idea for all forging hammers)

As a suggestion/question: you did check that that alloy will harden appropriately for a blade *before* making one from it right?

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