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Ellipse from last nights chat room

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I forged that ellipse that we discussed in last nights chat room after the BP. It forged fairly easily and I had no trouble with it. I made the jig by tacking on 3/16"x 1 1/2" flat bar on a piece of plate and tacked that to my welding table. The customer had given me a paper template to go by. I welded another piece af flat bar about 1" long next to the jig to keep the bars end held in place. Then I stuck the end of the bar (1 1/8" round) in the forge and heated as much of it as I could, about 10". when it was nice and hot I put the end in the jig held by the 1" piece and gently began to wrap the bar using bending forks, one to hold the bar onto the jig, so it wouldn't pucker, and the next a few inches in front of it to bend the bar. I was also gently pushing the bar with my hip. After I made it all the way around I quenched it and did a cut all the way through on my abrasive saw and then put that whole end back in the forge, brought it back to the jig and brought the ends together. Then I put the ellipse on the welding table, put a piece of heavy plate on it and smacked it with a hammer a couple of times to level it all back out (I had done this in the beginning as well to help keep it all flat). I then beveled the ends and welded it together, hit it with a sanding disk, and sandblasted it to remove the scale. It took me about 25 minutes, most of that time was waiting for the bar to heat.
First pic is about 3/4s of the way through the forging, second is after cutting the ends, and the last is welded sanded and ready for shipping.




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