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Good deal buying borax

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I recently purchased borax at a chemical supply house in Portland,OR. I felt the price was high, but having dealt with them before, I paid their price.
When I got home, I did some web research and found the following supplier. I bought their minimum 5 lbs to give it a go. There is no difference between the high and low priced borax.

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Take a look at the local Clay Art Suppliers thats where I get mine from and the price is ok. Therre is also.. http://www.lmine.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=LMS&Product_Code=17100-55&Category_Code=flux_components

its a large amount but its about a buck a pound.

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Well, maybe it's "less-hydrous"! Actually, the MSDS is a little ambiguous:

  • Product Identification

    Synonyms: Sodium borate decaHydrate; borax; Sodium pyroborate
    CAS No.: 1330-43-4 (Anhydrous) 1303-96-4 (decaHydrate)
    Molecular Weight: 381.37
    Chemical Formula: Na2b4o7 . 10H2o
  • Composition/Information on Ingredients


    CAS No.







    Borates, Tetra, Sodium Salts (Anhydrous)




Note the references to "Anhydrous". From a safety data perspective, it's all the same.
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Unless you have the water free borax in a tight container it will gain water from the air.

You can set the grocery store stuff in front of the exhaust blast from the forge in a metal cup after a morning of forging...cap it when you come to relight in the afternoon.
It will need to be crushed into powder to be used...easy under the press.

yes, it is a bit more work....but I have seen many buy the anhydrous and leave it in an open container in humid weather.


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Speaking of good deals, I just checked Amazon.com. Right now, if you search for "Borax," the first return is a 5lb box for about $10. Because I forgot to cancel my Amazon Prime trial last Christmas, and paid my annual fee, I just bought a box, with free shipping.

I can probably buy it for less if I shop around, but none of my local stores carry it.

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