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New "DIY" Forging Hammer "The Black Widow" PICS!!


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"The Black Widow"


I had a couple of broken sledgehammers laying around and decided to make a new forging "Shorty" sledge. I really like the balance of it, it has an 8LB. head epoxied onto a solid fiberglass shaft. I epoxied some 3M non-skid rubber tape on the handle where I grip it, the lanyard tied through the drilled hole in the end of the handle aids in keeping your left hand from slipping off the end when getting after it. Here are some pictures, and yes....I was bored...






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There's black widows in my shop and around my house but I never thought to epoxy one to a hammer handle!

So how is it working for you? I have a range of sledges with short handles; but they are all wood handled. Don't like fiberglass handles and the UV out here is horrendous so when the fiberglass starts to break down---well you don't want to slid your hand down the shaft when striking.

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When I was younger, much younger, I had a six pound hammer as my main forging hammer but man was I lot happier when I went to a three pound hammer. However I can see where once in a while a short handled eight pounder would come in handy. I'm with Thomas on the fiberglass though, out here in the Southwest the sun is murder on that stuff and it's like grabbing a hold of a prickly pear cactus after awhile, OUCH!

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