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Im John

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Im John!! Not sure if im worthy of the title "blacksmith" but my intent is to make jewlery to begin, and perhaps a big sword to mount on my wall!

Were in a different age today, but im more intrested in doing this for kicks!! Make a piece of jewlery for myself, call it my own! I love the rennaissance, so blacksmithing always inspired me!!

Im obviously concerned with the safety, ive so far gotten that UV light thing helm, a small 2" anvil, a big metal vise that weighs more than me.(alot beter than a bench pin, i dont think i need 1) and of course a hammer !!

How dangerous is smithing ? ? I dont need to hear about elemental hazards just, physical ones caused by noobs. (Dropping a red hot cinder on the floor)

Im coming to terms with the basics of flux, and the need for a big stone area to work in. I wonder, is there a high heat/shock resistant concrete that I could buy at local hardware store ? ? Im trying to be real practical, im going to invest ina biggger anvil if making rings and ear ings go well. Just need a safe work environment, but no warehouse!

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John the Blacksmith,
I have read your post, and I get the impression your are most likely standing just outside of the blacksmithing starting gate, trying to see in.
Note: This is just my personal opinion only!
I would interpret your inquiries to be generally as follows:
1. Safety issues with blacksmithing.
I would suggest that blacksmithing safety is first and foremost a wise issue to explore. Safety is an issue that surrounds every procedure in the blacksmithing process.
Through out time, I have no question that when standard blacksmithing procedures (basics) were developed, they were done responsibly, which included safety aspects.
If you do not understand the potential consequences of every process performed while blacksmithing, you may get yourself into trouble quickly. Injury or death may be a result. Education is the key to your safety.

There is no simple answer to your safety question. But, I have a quick answer for your question. And that would be: “for you to obtain competent basic training as a blacksmith”.

As a starting place, I suggest that you review the “Safety Section” as found on this forum. It should give you a direction and magnitude of the topic.
“YOUR SAFETY” is something only you can own. It takes effort and time to develop safety habits simultaneously as you train. It’s all up to you.

2. You indicated you are interested in making a wide range of products. You mentioned jewelry and a large sword.
That being said, then you must consider product type v. equipment and tools v. shop space (construction) v. training v. time v. effort v. financial investment.

I feel any questions you have may be answered as in-depth and accurately as you are willing to pursue your study of the topic. The broad range of information found on this forum, books, videos, and hands on training should be considered as a source.
Again, it all depends on you and your willingness to pay the price to learn.

3. As you develop in your blacksmith training, you will also gain the knowledge to understand the value and use of the tools you mentioned that you own.

I know this is rather lengthy, but I care enough to take the time to respond in the best way I know. I have tried to reflect the attitude of the other members I found that use this site. And that is an attitude that “we care”.
Good Luck, and be safe!

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Hi John,
The one piece of advise that I will give you to ALWAy!!!! Wear YOur Eye Protection. Glasses doing general shop tasks Face Sheild when grinding, Power wire brushing. I have worked in and around many shops. And take it from me I have wittness more eye injurys than any other.

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