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Hi from Denmark


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Hi all you smithies,

Anders, 22 from Denmark just writing to say hello and say how nice an atmosphere this forum has. So I decided to join and perhaps I'll post once in a while.

I'd really like to start blacksmithing - thinking of making a middle age forge with clay, sand and horsepoo to begin with. That said, I'll be sure to welcome all beginner's advice given to me even though I've read up on the whole subject a bit the last few days.

Anyway, see you out there.

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Welcome to the group
I once watched Bernard Herr formally of Wisconson use a forge made of clay using a goat skin as the bellows. Twice he went to Africa and taught blacksmithing and that is what they used along with home made charcoal. Looked like a lot of uncumfortable work to get the air flow. He needed to be bent over or kneeling and a lot of arm movement

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Welcome to I Forge Iron. You are from my Grand Parents Home Land.

Only a suggestion:
I suggest that you learn the basics while using standard (crank or electric) blowers and such.
When you have learned the triditional basic skills with some degree of competency, then modify and adjust to a triditional style of some sort!
Learning the basics first will take you to where ever you want to go.
Ted Throckmorton

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Thomas, I've found a supplier for smithing coal so I'll be using that once I get settled again.

Ted, my idea with starting with a clay forge was that I can keep the cost low in the beginning. A field forge is a good 1000 $ over here. :)

Thanks for the welcome guys.

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Actually I started with an electric blower and then moved to a hand crank blower because I liked it better. Once I had made a traditional double chambered blacksmith's bellows I moved to that as I thought it was even better than the hand crank!

Now the two single bellows are a pain to work by yourself but the double chambered bellows that started showing up in the renaissance is quite nice---*IF* done right!

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