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Rail road spikes

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Hello Everybody, I am new to this so please bear with me if I ask a foolish question. I have seen several different articles on RR spikes. Some say they are good steel for knifes and etc. Some say there are not good for them.Some articles say that the are different grades of spikes. What do I need to know/or look for in RR spikes? Some say you need a salvage permit just to have/use them. Does anyone have the True ( on the level) answers and be willing to share your knowledge?:confused: :confused: :confused:

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The rail road spike knives you see everywhere are really just conversation pieces. Even those marked HC on the head don't have enough carbon to harden properly. There are many things you can make with them however, and they are useful to have around. One of the projects on my list is a spike tomahawk (again not for real use, just as a project and wall hanger).

It's not against the law to have, or forge, RR spikes but taking them from railroad property without permission would be considered theft and probably trespassing.


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