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5060 vs 1095 steel


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I would not use 1095 for a large blade of any kind, and I have no idea what 5060 is.

First: You really need to slow down and read a bit, we can only tell you so much in short answers of a forum

Second: You do not seem to know what questions to ask, but yet you expect us to take our time to tell you what has already been discussed in the forum. Much of what you have been asking is already posted in the blade section, but hinting is not helping so I will state it clearly: Read what is already written on this forum before asking questions on the forum.

Third: Asking us to assist a child (according to your profile) in how to make a weapon may be a crime in some locations. The manufacturing of the weapon is not something to be taken lightly. It requires research, learning, and skill that takes years of experience to achieve.

What have your parents said to you about this?

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