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Striking Vise and Stand ~ an adaption of BRian Brazeal and Lyle Wynn's design


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Well, here is what i did on monday... https://picasaweb.google.com/100129294872680468528/StrikingViseAndStand
It stands ( to the top of vise jaws ) 30 inches high.
This was a 5 inch peter wright leg vise... I can still clearly see the name p wright then an engraving of what appears to be a forge, horse, man, hammer and anvil, then it say patent solid box.
All legs made out of 40 x 80 mm 1/4 inch wall box tubing.
The legs are at 98 degrees ; 8 degrees off vertical.
The top plate was initially two pieces of 1/4 inch diamond plate welded together with supports underneath but i then added another piece of diamond plate on top of those two.
The feet have holes to allow me to stake or bolt to the earth so it does not move.
Yes, i know it isn't very good of me to have welded the vise to the stand, but i do not have the necessary equipment to do other wise. Anyway, i dont ever intend to use this vise off this stand, and if i HAVE to take it off i can simply knock out the wedges. This is a tool, and so in mounting it in this way i have made it far more useful to me, as a tool.
Personally, this wasn't a pleasant day, because i hate welding, cutting and grinding.... but after a long and tiring day, i am VERY VERY pleased of what i had accomplished!

Thank you very much for looking!

comments and critique are very welcome!! so please do!! :D


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The only thing I`d change on the stand would be to round the two back corners.
You may not be as easily distracted as I am but sharp corners always seem to sneak up on me and bite me when I least expect it.

Good advise there. Nice job on the vise.

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