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Seax blade from ore


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This seax blade is made from ore from various smelts that have been held at my forge. and also from phosphoric iron smelted by lee sauder. It is my first attempt at making a "saxon " blade from smelted material . I have made 2 "japanese" blades before this but they were just strait laminate (clay coated) .
It is not perfect.... but gives a good idea of what these blades may have looked like , or at least a grasp in that direction.
its a 5 bar blade
at the back tamahagane zuku wootzu ( remelted in a crucible bloomery cast iron and grumps of steel ) folded forever and then mixed in with low C bloomery iron .
2 oposing twists from phosphoric iron and low c bloomery iron then a fine layer spacer in high c and low c strips and the edge of same .
the blade hardened well....
It is subtle , I will try a different mix to get more "show" in the twists ...

this bladewas hard work , but it is a start.
Many thanks to all the people who helped to make the steel at various smelts .... Mike Blue ( who got us going on all this smelting malarchy) , Mick Maxen (who had a hand in most of this material), Jack Hobson , Colin , Jake Powning , Niko , Jeff pringle , Rowan Lee sauder and more besides ........
This one will be a keeper...there is too much work in it to sell......
I shall be doing more.....
the blade at 7 inches and 8mm thick at the hump...

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blade from dirt?????? :blink:

ive been at your place enough times to have a hint of an idea just how much work has gone into that. That is a real achievement and if you have not done so already reach and give yourself a pat on the back, pour a mead and smile ;)

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