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Food safe Polishing Compound

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I'm not sure exactly what you want to do. It would help to know. Most any polishing compound is safe if the pan is washed out before cooking. Why would you want a specifically "food safe" compound? You could use Diatomaceous Earth to polish with and it is safe to eat (if you get food grade DE). Still metal particles formed by the polishing action are not desirable food additives and any pan polished with DE should still be washed. For scouring pans I like "Bartenders Friend" scouring powder... cheap and effective, much better than most better known scouring powder brands. A little borax mixed with some DE (diatomaceous earth) is a pretty good home brewed scouring powder.

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Well I was just looking for something that would not leave toxic residues that might get caught on the blade even after washing. even after washing sometimes things still stick to surfaces..

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Baking soda is a decent choice. You can use it with water or oil.


I second this...Ive used baking soda and water for years to clean my carbon steel kitchen knives...Just pour some in a bowl with a little water to form a thick-ish paste, spoon a gob onto a regular kitchen towel, and it works great!

No need to go out and buy anything as %99 percent of US households already have baking soda on a shelf or in the fridge.
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