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Greetings from the warmth of Norway!

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Lali ho everyone! My name is Jens Michael Strassegger and I've been smithing as a hobby, I would call it more of an obsession, but whatever its called Im smithing blades and *** love it! =D

My start to this journey was when I was in my last year at school. I´ve been blessed with going to a School where we had one class which we could choose ourselves, what we were going to study. (Wait did that make sense?) Its kinda like a year long exam thingy... My thoughts went at once to the practical side of the scale and as soon as I found out that one of my teachers was a master Bladesmith tought in Sweden my path was lain.

Anyways I have learnt a great deal already from lurking around on this forum and hope to be able to contribute in due time.

I have a few pictures laying around of my forge and some of my work (posted pictures of my latest knives in the knife thread) and will try my darndest to fill up this server as time passes :)

Thank you for your attention and good luck from Norway!

-Jens Strassegger

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Welcome Jens! Like to see what you're up to. What part on Norway are you from? My family is from Trondheim and Brønnøysund.

Thank you thank you. Im from the south of Norway (Jæren in Rogaland) but have studied up in Trondheim for a year now. Actually writing this from Trondheim now :) Thats a far spread btw. Brønnøysund is half way to Bodø!
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Welcome to IFI, Jens. My family is from..............well, not Norway. But that's OK. I saw your post on the knife thread. Beautiful work. Keep sharing with us. We love pics. :D

Not everyone can come from Norway... I mean we are only 5 mill people... xD Thank you. I will try my darndest to remember to take pictures of my little children! (Is it weird to call ones knives for children? O_ô)
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Welcome to I-Forge-Iron,

i hope to be able to make knives aswell some day and 'll be looking forward to the posts and related content.
Good luck with the Knife making and other projects, Keep up and most important, have fun

(as obvious i dont consider a piece of iron with the shape of a knife to be a good knife without the proper heat treatment and stuff, so i have lots to learn)

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