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Smithy design

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Hi guys

I have smithing for a while but have to pack up every tool, piece of steel and other object I use. This includes a 150kg (240lb)anvil!
I would like to build my own smithy but want to get a basic design before I get official plans from an architect.
I have come come uo with a basic plan: the smithy will be a half circle with straight walls extending from the ends of the hemicircle(new word?), With the main forge's centre on the same line as the half circles edges. I have attached a rough(very rough) plan of the smithy.

Any help is appreciated


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Well since you will be doing a lot of work with 20' lengths of heavy steel make sure the main work stations are far enough apart to be able to swing a stick!

Oops---Since you really want to concentrate on knifemaking make sure your work triangle is really really close!

Or we can't really make many suggestions until *YOU* tell us what *YOU* want to do in your shop! What suits one smith very well might be criminal negligence for another smith. (Like when I was looking up how anvils were pointed in old smithing books---point left vs point right---and the first one I found had the horn pointed directly towards the forge---guess they did a lot of rings in that shop.)

The basics are to manage the "work triangle": Forge Postvise Anvil or "work square" Forge Postvise Anvil and Powerhammer so it fits your needs---small work: make it tight with one step at most between them. Large work: make it so it's easy to move large pieces of hot metal around without them running into things.

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My smithy is round. You can see what it looks like here :

But, like Mr Powers said, it depends on what you do. I make small harware. It is the best set up for what I am doing at this time.

Look around this site. It's full of great ideas.


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