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I'm envious of your bandsaw! It certainly is light-years ahead of mine. I can hot-cut 3 pieces in the time it takes my saw to do 2.

Have you ever changed the blade?..........:lol:

Is the bending done cold as well?

Now why would I do that?...................If you can make one in less than10 minutes by hammer and hand, you're a better smith than I...B)
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Yup a lot of folks don't include the time it takes to get the forge started and up to temp for a project like this---however most folks do this as an add on project while a more important one is being worked on and so the incremental time is low to zero.

Like yesterday when I was heating the spikes on my spike anvils to burn in their holes in their stumps. As they were big heavy stock, (the original shafts were 2.5" Sq stock and the spikes were well over an inch at the thick end and 7+" long), I tossed in a dozen tent stakes I needed to make, (1/2" sq 2' long stock---we get a bit of wind out in these parts when camping)

(I had predrilled a starter hole, 5/8", and the hot spikes slid into the wood beautifully with only the encouragement of an 8# sledge to get them seated in *1* go!)

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