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tripod close ups

Steve Sells

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That is so cool. I thrive on simplicity. Thanks for posting the pics. One of these days I'll have an origonal idea but until then I rely on others. How long are the pods :P I reckon they would be called pods. Threepods, treypods?

Thanks again,

Mark <º))><

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Pod means "foot" are you asking about the upper ends? triTets?

I make mine fairly deep to help avoid accidents when someone bumps them; but the exact length is done by eye for the first one and then the other is matched to it. Every thickness of stock has a different "pleasing to the eye" for me and I'd note that the round end generally takes up less stock than the U ends so I don't cut into 3 even pieces when I start but generally give an inch or so for each U off the O piece.

However when you are starting out making them even and then trimming the long one is an easier method.

I generally try to size them so that they will evenly come out of one or more 20' sticks: eg: 4 5' lengths = 1 tripod + 1 leg for the next one

And don't forget: when you are cutting multiple pieces from a long bar make the first cut at a sharp angle \ not | so that two legs are already almost pointed! Saves forge time.

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