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My first!!

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its a 45 lb plate wait from my bench set. its crazy ...... i never notest how much power is sucked rite up in stead of going back in to the steel your working with. haveing a real anvil is so much nicer. i love it! it took me about half an hr to get used to the hammer bouncing back a bit when i was using it :)

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I have found the internet to be one of the absolute WORST places to try to buy blacksmithing equipment cheap---(sort of like someone saying that they bought a wedding ring for $250 and you replying "How did you do it I've been looking at ones at Tiffany's and they are all more than that!") Especially if you include shipping!

May I suggest you try to find one local to yourself that someone is not actively trying to sell but would be happy to get rid of! America is full of anvils hidden away in garages and basements and sheds unused and unloved---what you need to do is to get out and hunt them down!

"But HOW" you say---*Networking*---Talk to everyone you meet about needing an anvil. (I was *given* one after mentioning it at coffee hour after church and my biggest and best came from talking with a kid selling greasy car parts at the fleamarket---his uncle had one he wanted to get rid of and so that afternoon and $350 later a 515# Fisher in MINT condition was mine!

No luck on Craigslist? How many years you been searching? Out here in anvil poor NM, (no population or industry back in those days!) I have found *1* anvil on craigslist to date that wasn't at some ridiculous price (112# PW in very good condition for $150 just about a year ago) Someone selling a beat to pieces vulcan for $6 a pound is more the norm.

Anvils don't often make it to many fleamarkets---but every time there is someone selling "old barn junk" there is the possibility of an anvil back where it came from---ask them! If there is one you can often do a deal without it ever coming onto the "open" market. (One fleamarket I found a small hardy in a bunch of plumbing parts. I bought it and then asked the seller where the anvil was that went with it? On his carport floor---"too heavy to bring to the fleamarket". It was a mint 100# Vulcan that I bought for $1 a pound and sold the same day to a fellow who wanted a starting anvil---charged him more for it too! (About enough to pay for the gas I spent picking it up 10 miles away...)

One corollary is that you need to have cash on hand to *buy* when you find one. If they ask how much you want to give for it start at US$1 per pound---you can always go up!

And finally don't be *afraid* to walk away from a deal that isn't a deal! Poor quality, damaged, etc are not worth paying top dollar for though many sellers seem to have that belief.

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