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  1. WOW! i really hope some day i can make something like this for my kids.... or at lease there kids :)
  2. its a 45 lb plate wait from my bench set. its crazy ...... i never notest how much power is sucked rite up in stead of going back in to the steel your working with. haveing a real anvil is so much nicer. i love it! it took me about half an hr to get used to the hammer bouncing back a bit when i was using it :)
  3. this is what i had been using sens last fall :(
  4. hopefully this works an you all can see these.
  5. going out in a few to us it ... ill take some an try to figure out how to get them on here .
  6. i got my first anvil to do AAAALLLLRRRIIIGGGHT!!! it was an early fathers/birth day gift . 150 lb's for $130. it's in good shape ... i think any ways . im not an expert. but i cant wait to try it out.
  7. Yaaaa... That's what I thought . Is there any other little trick I can do to help? Besides the drill thing. I don't have one for metal.
  8. Hello guys! I could use some help.... Iv been making different tools. Like a pick an a hammer thingy... But every time I go to make the hole for a handle it bulged out on one side an makes it lopsided . Is there a trick to making the hole. Or just keep practicing ?
  9. I like to put my coals in an old paint can put the cover on an let it go out... then use in in the next fire. works well.
  10. nwaite

    Spike Cross

    how do you put the wood grane look on it? you just hammer it in?
  11. I'm sorry... I have a hard time spelling. I ment medieval style weapons. Sorry about that.
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