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Hi, From South Africa


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Hi, my name is Jono. I'm 17 years old, live in South Africa and pretty much know nothing about blacksmithing, but ever since I read about it in medieval books or saw it games, I wanted to learn everything that there is about Blacksmithing.

So what I would like to ask, is if someone could point me in a direction and send me off, so like links to different parts of the forums that are a gold mine to a wannabe like me.
thanks in advance, I cant wait to learn all sorts of interesting things about Blacksmithing.

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Welcome to the group
What I do is view new content every time I visit
As long as I am logged on it geives me everything new since I last logged on.
I looked at www.abana.org then affliates but there is no South African group to see if someone close to you was blacksmithing.
Here at Iforge click on everything including arcives read what interests you

go to abana.org and check out which affiliates have newsletters posted and read them fo tips and techniques.
Good luck

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Hey Jono!
Welcome to IFI. There is a crazy amount of info here that you can learn from some really talented and experienced people. All you have to do is ask a question and you will get answers. Sometimes a lot of opinions but they are helpful too. Like Roger said, keep on looking through this site and check new content each day.
There are Blacksmiths all over the world and I'm sure there are some near you.

This is Ian and he is from S. Africa. He may be near you, or not. One of the best ways to learn is to meet up with other smiths that will share their knowledge.


This is a Blacksmithing group in S. Africa that may be avble to help you.


Go to the forums page and at the bottom is a list of some blacksmith groups in the world.

Have fun, glad to meet you.


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Welcome Jono,

There are quite a few active smiths is sunny old sa. Most are not that active on the web.near to you there are guys at Brits,Bronkorstspruit way and Henly on Klip. Then thers Cape town and Durban guys too.There is a good knifemaker here and I recon I'll pass on your info. Keep us informed on what you need and I'll try to help as I know wher to get most of what you may need in Gauteng.


I'm 600kms(375miles)away from his location but my JHB. set-up is about 50km(36miles) from his location. He is 17 so mobility might be tricky(18 to drive in SA)But we will try to assist.


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Go to IForgeIron > Pages > Articles > A0000 Blacksmithing Groups
We update this list as we get information and it is the most current list anywhere on the web.

Go to IForgeIron.com > Forum (divided by subject)
Currently some 221,200 posts

IForgeIron.com > Pages > then Pages again on the right hand column
There are 1000 or so articles there.

IForgeIron.com > Gallery
There are about 18,000 images there

IForgeIron.com > Downloads
There are blacksmithing Newsletters and Blacksmithing Books available for download there

IForgeIron.com > Forum > Blacksmithing Groups > South African Highveld Blacksmith Assicoation
This is the South African Highveld Blacksmith Assicoation group forum.

Before you start on any of these links, pack a lunch and a cold drink as you may be a while (grin)

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