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Nice anvil, Nick. Congrats. Yes, at $150 you got a GREAT deal!! I know that some anvils in some locations are high $$$. I'm in east central ILL and I have never had to pay over $2 per pound. Thomas Powers is way down yonder, lost somewhere in New Mexico, and there aren't nearly as many anvils down that way. Supply and demand makes them cost more there. Good find. :D

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A dollar a pound has kind of been the standard price for a number of years now but it has been on the rise lately. I sold one of mine to Harold for $2/# and he kind of scared me the way he jumped on it so fast, didn't even blink an eye, just whipped out that billfold of his so fast I didn't even have time to draw a breath. If I ever get the nerve up to sell my 300# Fisher maybe I'll ask $4/# :rolleyes: :lol:

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