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Another Crossbow

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Hello! I haven't been on the site in a while (because of school and work), so I thought I'd share one of my (and my brother's) newest pieces.

This is a pinlock crossbow with a wooden prod, drawn in the early style/ crusader style of sitting on the ground with both feet against the prod, and drawing it back with your arms and back.

The stock is oak, the prod is hickory, and the tickler (switch) and pin are mild steel. The prod is bound to the stock with braided hemp, and draws at about 135 pounds at 10 inches.

What do you think?








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Hi everyone. I don't use it for hunting (just target practise), but it has the potential! Thanks for the kind comments!
I do make my own bolts and heads, and also sell them on Ebay in packs of 6.

very nice bodkins! I love makin em check this out
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That sure looks nice. When I was in the fourth grade my friend Frankie and I would make crossbows out of bamboo, twine and use pencils with needles & tin can fins to shoot sparrows, poor birds. Sure was fun until Frankie decided to shoot his sister in the buttocks, then his dad took our crossbows and broke them. I was just a little put out with Frankie, it wasn't me that shot his sister so why did my crossbow get broken up? :blink:

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