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I Forge Iron

recipie book?


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So th story starts that i was hungry out in the shop and didn't want to have to put out the forge then go cook and eat and come back to the shop and light up the coal again, so i went to the cupboard and i had peanut butter honey and rye bread so i made a peanut buter and honey sammich and heated by putting it on a cleaned scroll and heated it over the fire so i want to hear your storys of cooking in or on the forge gas or coal dosnt matter

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ive cooked over the forge several times usually with charcoal or coke ... at a fair we even cooked a bunch of shiscabobs for a potluck all the booths were contributeing to ... it works fine as long is you dont use too much air and blow ash into the food...

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been known to start to forge... do a little work... then cook bacon in a frying pan... watch the air... and tasty tasty bacon on a fork is a nice breakfast to fuel the rest of the day....

also been known to park my coffee cup in a place near the forge where it will stay warm for a long time...


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