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Japan earthquake


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My cousin is over there in the Marines. His family was notified that he is OK, but out of communication for a while because of conditions and assisting in the emergency response. Aparently no US service men or women were in the worst affected areas at the time.


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Phil thanks for posting Info on you're side of the pond !
I have an update on Crescent City Ca & Brooking Or
things stared 7.30 Am Friday we DIDN'T get a wave thing would have much worse !!
we did get a surge of water around 9' or so high in tide the boats that did not leave
in the harbor were trapped @ that point ! water left harbor boats on bottom of harbor
then water returned several time over the day witch took out all are docks & them some !
boats were crashed against one and another 6 or more sank harbor likes like a boat wrecking yard that floats well some do :<) I am 4 blocks away from harbor were OK !! It would taken a big wave to get here and that would be up Elk creek if it happen I live next to a swamp I am on the higher ground so to speak of no one was killed that I know of thats a good thing we have lost are boat basin the fishing fleet @ this time has dosen't have a harbor to come back to :<( Brooking Or I here is in the same boat just not as bad ??
Its going to be a Tuff run ! the harbor is going to have to Micky mouse docks together
as bast as can for now or close harbor up ! BUREAUCRATS :<( I myself am on the make it work page !!! for now my portable welder and myself are on stand by to help when needed
its gona take a day or two to sort this out ,Other than that we were LUCY out to have a wave thought town !!

you can search crescent city Triplicate for pics & info I don't have web address handy
Steve's Welding -- IW

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One of my friends from collage, mid 1960's, was a missionary to that part of Japan until 2001 and now retired to USA but still has many friends and some family, grand-daughter I think, in that area doing church work. I emailed him but haven't heard back from him. That is bad stuff with the power plants though. Dangerous stuff that nuclear power plants, earthquakes and tsunamis. I pray that they get it all under control sooner than later. I thought that there was one person swept out to sea in Crescent City and drowned. If that is true I pray that their family finds some peace also the folks in Hawaii. There has been a lot of seismic activity in the Pacific Basin in the last few months. I have e-mail friends from New Zealand but they were far away from the quake there. Also had e-mail friends in Chile that survived that country's quake. Not an experience I want to go through. May God watch over us all in times of disaster.

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