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restoration project, maybe a old anvil

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have come across this beat up old anvil and am thinking of a little bit of restoration and improving on the botched repair but first am looking for some info on it if any here can help


it is about 18" long and 10" tall and weighs about 120 to 150 lbs so I have been told.

it looks like it broke in half and has been patched up badly.

can anyone help with identifying it at all

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I saw this on Ebay.co.uk a while back and was tempted to buy it simply due to the fact that it is-or was at some point in time, an Austrian anvil. on the other side there should be a diagonal "step" and possible two church windows.

Were it me, I would cut/grind all the junk off it, thoroughly re-weld everything, re surface the face, polish/blend all the welds and re patina the body. However that is quite a bit of work, but depending on what you paid for it, it might be worth it. Austrian anvils are very sought after and it's a shame to see on in such a state, I'd fix it up pretty and have it be how Austrians are meant to look.

Just my $.02


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that is exactly my aims with this, yes it has a 45 degree step on the other side but I dont know about the windows until I get it here and that will be some time so first step is get more info here,
found some austrian anvils on anvilfire and it matches the A one for measurements here http://www.anvilfire.com/anvils/ferd_anvil_004.php.

I have no idea of age though it seems old even for an anvil

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