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I Forge Iron

My first solid fuel forge


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Looks like it works, though you need the fuel higher so that piece is thrust into the pile not on top of it. A couple of fire bricks around the rim helps a lot as you can configure them to let the piece in but keep the charcoal from spreading wide.

One other suggestion, rig up a flip or swivel cap for the ash dump---the rthreads will get very cruddy pretty fast making it a pain to use a threaded cap. (Did that with one of my early forges, never again!)

"Best way to get better welding is to weld!" a welding friends comment on my welding---he then gave me 40 pounds of rod so I guess he wasn't impressed with my welds...

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Thank you very much for your replies.

About the fuel depth, this was the first fire I lit for the picture. The pile of fuel I use is higher and always generously covers the piece I am heating. The forge works really well and the rod shown is a piece of round stock 12 mm, was red cherry in about half a minute. Now I am building small "gates" to close unused gaps I left in the frame surrounding the table top.

The table top is 70 cm long x 50 cm wide

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