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home made touch mark

Larry H

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here is a short video on the basics of making a touch mark, I didn't include heat treating because there is so many opinions on the subject and so many scientists here, that you probably already know a better way, needless to say heat treat according to your method for your steel. The way I usually make one is to use an allen bolt cut off at the head so you can see through the hex and use that as a guide for an allen wrench (1/2') which you will use for the mark,..it makes for a nice looking tool. When I made this video I didn't have either laying around the shop,..so I improvised. Also I made this larger for clarity

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Thank You!

What you teach us is so appreciated.

There are several other blacksmiths who are of your caliber, such as brianbrazealblacksmith, and Hofi (just to name a few) who so un-selflessly and freely give priceless information about the blacksmithing Craft that it just blows me away.

That kind of generosity cannot be measured in money in my opinion. It is priceless, but not held as cheep by any standard.
Grandpa Jones who used to be on "Hee Haw" wrote a song. At the end of the song it says "all you take with you, is what you gave away".
A Gold miners Mule sometime carries a large bag of gold on its back. But it does not appreciate it because it is not of a real value to the mule. But to the miner it has all kinds of possibilities.

I liken people who are advanced enough in blacksmithing (Miners) who understand the value of what men such as you and others that I have mentioned provides for us!

I mean “Thank You”

That was nicely done – I took note of the concept!

Ted Throckmorton

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thanks for the comments, yes Sam , it works like a charm
Curly,... give it a try
Dave,...you're welcome
Brian,..thanks, coming from a smith of your caliper,.. kind words are most appreciated, I tried to keep it simple
Ted T,..the times when someone comes along with the appreciation you have shown, is what makes people like us do what we do,..we share our knowledge with you knowing it is not lost,... I am humbled by your enthusiastic response, your kind words are much appreciated

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