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Making Wrought Iron

Guest DanielT

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Guest DanielT

I hear people talking about wrought iron and it being hard to find since it hasn't been made in the US for around 60 years.

Would it be possible to make your own wrought iron? or for a small group to make a larger amount for the blacksmithing community?
How is it even made vs. how current steel is made?

Or is it just too cost prohibitive to even think about?

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I was part of a historical iron smelting team for over ten years using Y1K technology. It was a lot of fun and toward the end we were getting 15 pound blooms on a regular basis---not too bad for a human powered system! If you broke it down into man hours per pound the cost was pretty *high*!

Not a great market for real wrought iron; few people use it in any but small amounts and the scrap stream is still fairly wide at this point.

I plan to do a Y1K smelt this spring myself out here in NM.

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There is a this company:
I have not worked any of the material yet...have a small sample here
if they have 500,000 pounds available...I see little need for you to make any for the general smithing population.

I would encourage you to give it a try for your own work though...as a learning experience.


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