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Norse hammer?


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Easiest way would be to look for mastermyr. A viking (10th C)trunk of blcksmiths/carpenters equipment found in scandinavia about 1950. There are good pictures/drawings and a group of blacksmiths making a complete replica of the find.
Good luck

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Hey---he didn't say it was a viking era hammer; just Norse so it could be one still being made today!

He probably meant an early medieval Scandinavian hammer; but Norse is not a date and history didn't stop there in the 11th century!

Check the carving of the Sigurd story from an early stave church: for another example of early medieval smithing gear

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Thanks guys. I was thinking of kind of a doghead style hammer that I saw in a historical book on vikings. But I did not know what its wheight and dimensions would be. Andrew I have looked at the Mästermyr find but the hammer that it contained aren't really the style I am looking at,I will try to find a pic of it though.


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well the weight will be as with any other hammer, depending on what you need it for and what you like to use.
really the same with dimensions like how big a face area do you like to work with do you want it round, square or octagonal
I have never heard of a Norse hammer and if its from the Viking era it would not have been Norse as back then most of Scandinavia was one
as far as I have seen and read there was no real standard for hammers but the forward weight ones was close do what's today called a Swedish pattern hammer with a shorter pein but a lot was also looking like a small sledge or "Thors" hammer

just make one and keep doing that till you find what you love working with it will take time but it will also be fun :)

good luck

Dan the Dane.

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