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Railroad Track Anvil

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I had a little time on my hands so I made this RR anvil. I do not need a hardie or a pritchel hole on this anvil so I did not add them. I will use it for making my Mokume Gane jewelry. Before I finish it I was wondering if I should heat treat it. Any input would be most appreciated. Thanks for lookin'




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I see a lot of welding.Both on the stiffiner plates and the top of the rail. Rail(at least my london pattern shaped rail)Did not have a flat sharp edged top. Mine is crowned and work hardened. If it was built up or machined down you might need to harden it. Keep the jewelry small and the hammer small ya should be OK. Putting in a pritchel is easy
a hardy will wear ya out. Enjoy.

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thank you everyone

Ken I am going to dress the edges after I finish polishing it. I did not take care of the finish work because I was not sure if I was going to heat treat it or just leave it. I did remove about 3/8 inch of material from the top. I was also careful when I welded the stiffener plates in so I would not run too much heat into the base metal.

Sam it 17 pounds but I am going to trim the base some so i will cut maybe a pound off that. it is 2" X 9" over all with the horn being 2.625 long.

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